Get your merch for the con that's been cancelled before it was announced! And best, we're skimmin our well-begotten gains to donate to charity. So far, we've given over $4000 in filthy lucre to good causes like Doctors Without Borders, The Chicago Food Depository, The Trevor Project and No Kid Hungry. As long as you hoopy froods keep buying merch, we'll keep doing good!
All of the Concellation 2020 designs are still available, and we now have a new logo for 2021. Of course, there are the special designs we've made when bored, as well as the Alignments and Conversation Starters Collections.
And, of course, pins and challenge coins! Show that you were a part of the best convention you've never been to!

Pins and Wearables

Pins and Wearables. Concellation pins are available individually or in a 5-pack with one of each. We'll be getting inventory of the other pins shortly. For now, the five Concellation pins are available for pre-order, and we will be doing our production run on 22 March and shipping them out as soon as they arrive (2-3 weeks after the production run starts). Prices right now are a few bucks lower than they will be later for this pre-order, so take advantage of it!

Prices reflect single-item purchases, and there are also discounts for multiple items in the same order.

Concellation 2020 Logo Pin

The original Concellation® 2020 Logo Design.


Concellation Pin Pack

One of each of the main Concellation® pins in this five-pack.


Concellation 2021 Logo Pin

The Official Concellation® 2021 Logo Pin.


Crash Facepalm Pin

The Official Concellation® Crash Facepalm pin.


Concellation 2020 Pride Pin

Celebrate Pride with this Concellation® 2020 Pride pin.


Concellation Ship Pin

The official Concellation® Crashed Ship pin.


Concellation 2020 Best Con Pin

The "Best Con I've Never Been To" Crash Facepalm design. Ships end of April!