The wisdom of Crash Facepalm!

Not that I'm always right, but I am certainly always entertaining!
If you could have ANY career, what would you want to be? Brought to you by our Pride designs at 
Orbits First Law of Cat Mechanics brought to you by some killer shirts at 
I just smiled and pretended that I was waving at the other abyss nearby. Remember, 10% off with coupon code SUMMER21 at
I hope it's exciting!
What's your secret identity? Come on, you can tell, we're amongst friends! PS: Brought to you by our really cool pins (and our new patch)!
Seems like a legit business opportunity, too! Brought to you by our killer shirts!
I guess I should start selling tickets? Maybe a free half hour for every pin you get at
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I reject your kale reality and replace it with my own. Today's wisdom brought to you by our new pins and patches! 
The only real question is cappuccino or straight double shot of espresso?
Yesterday was strawberry. What's your favorite jell-o flavor?
I mean, really, does it even have to be said? What's your dead-obvious advice that's helped you through life? Brought to you by our killer merch! 
Just give in and give 'em the wet food. It's going to happen, sooner or later.
I'm sure I will have going to have solved this problem next week.